Taking a few minutes to check the condition of your cartridges will lower the risk ofrepeated failures and help ensure uninterrupted backup. Figure 66 Remote Management Interface main screen3. Use the label slot or recess only. Page Table 11Troubleshooting General Problems continued ProblemSolutionAn Ultrium cartridge that has datawritten to it and is write-protectedrestores very slowly. Incremental steps can range from 0 to 31 depending on your preference.

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If a defective tape cartridge is loaded into atape drive, it may in turn damage the drive, potentially requiring drive replacement.

M SL6 ser i es tape libr ar y us er guide. Table 8 lists the identifier that isfound at the end of 7- or 8-character SDLT and Storagewkrks bar code labels. Page Connectors and IndicatorsFigure 82 shows the connectors and indicators for the optional Fibre Channel board.

Use the label slot or recess only.

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Page 87 FunctionsThe Functions pages present button-and-browser controls of selectable files. To prevent electrostatic damage, observe the storagdworks precautions: If the default entry is not the tape drive to be cleaned, press Drive in theDestination Element Type box to sequence through the available tape drive choices.


In theevent of host failure, you can restore media access by cycling the library power.

Febr uar y mal6000 Door open sensor time-out detectedwhen open door. Page 81 Figure 66 Remote Management Interface main screen3. The resulting information may be helpful to your serviceprovider in resolving potential issues that may have prompted the firmware upgrade. Page 46 Figure 29 Reserved slots numeric keypad screen4. Figure 30 Total reserved slots confirmation screen5. The libraries also feature high availability, maximum storage density,and easy serviceability.

The right-hand AC receptacle is for the top power supply. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? A green LED indicates activity on thecorresponding storagewoks.

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Connectors and IndicatorsFigure 82 shows the connectors and indicators for the optional Fibre Channel board. Figure 14 Installing the library two-drive model shown 9. Rotary track could not reach targetlocation. Damagemay occur if inappropriate media is used in tape drives. FiguresLibrary tape drive locations. Figure 16 Converting a rackmount model two-drive model shown Applying Power to the LibraryTo apply power to the library see Figure Figure 23 Drive 0 bus ID data field screen two-drive model shown 4.


Figure 31 IP address determination screen3. Page 70 NetworkSelecting this option lets you define the Network options used to configure the library for yourspecific needs see Figure If the backup application is running,update the application cartridge map.

Page 14 Page 15 1IntroductionDesigned for backup operations with high-end networks and high-performance servers, the HPStorageWorks MSL Series tape libraries are the next generation performers in high-volumebackup and archival service.

During a hot swap, a command responsefrom the control task could not beassociated with any outstandingcommand. Cartridge MapSelecting this option provides you with a layout of the slots and cartridges that are stoargeworks beingused in the library. Reserved slots may be incompatible with some application software. Page 50 you can manually open the magazine doors by pushing a small metal pin or paper clip into themechanical releases see Figure Additional reserved slots continue in this front-to-rear pattern.